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Mr. Robin Mugawasi


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HDI % of Shareholder


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Current Ownership

Rodecon is a private company with 100% Historically Disadvantaged Individuals (HDI) ownership. The major shareholder has embarked on a process of exploring further ownership by HDI as a part of a strategy to distribute wealth growth the company beyond its current size and capabilities.

Employment Equity Policy

Rodecon is committed to creating and maintaining an environment which provides equal opportunities to all employees, with special consideration for historically disadvantaged groups. Recruitment and selection is based on fairness and objectivity, having regard for competency and seeking to redress historical imbalances to achieve broad representation.

BEE & SMME Partnerships & Alliances

We are in the process of increasing national delivery capacity through partnerships with various black engineering firms. These partnerships will provide implementation skills for our solutions in both the public and private sectors. Some of the firms we are currently in discussions with include Ndalama Armature Winding. We anticipate working together with these firms.

We also participate with a sizeable number of other HDI companies in their empowerment endeavors (these firms are all BEE firms).

Skills Development

We actively encourage growth and development in all our staff and view skills development and capacity building as a critical component of our business. In addition to on the job training and close mentorship, we find short training courses as well as college diplomas for any of our staff interested in further studies and personal development – the total amount budgeted for the current financial year about 5% of our total salary bill.

Areas for training and development include fitting and turning, fabrication and any befitting engineering related advancement/training program.

BBBEE & SMME Procurement

The aim of Rodecon’s procurement strategy is to promote the development of an entrepreneurial culture in South Africa in order to increase self-employment, employment opportunities and stimulate business growth. This will be achieved by identifying products and resources, which could be supplied by emerging suppliers and suppliers which are owned (in part or wholly) by previously disadvantaged individuals.

Rodecon fully supports the drive by our Government to increase meaningful participation and involvement of SMME and Black Economic Empowerment organizations. During the previous 12 months, Rodecon acquired goods and services to the value of nearly R1.5 million from BEE, SMME and companies owned, wholly or partially, by previously disadvantaged individuals.