Rodecon Extra Abrassion Liner (EAL)

Rodecon Extra Abrassion Liner (EAL) Plate Definition

WPCC2000 is a High Wear Resistant Material that consists of Chromium Carbide particles in a hard and stable austenitic matrix.

Chemical Composition of Weld Overlay : C 4.5%, Mn 0.7%, Si 0.8%, Cr 27%, B 0.5% Fe balance.

The Composite Plate is manufactured by an open arc welding process and welded to a mild steel base plate and is fused to the Mild Steel Plate or Mild Steel Pipes.

All our hard facing wires used in the manufacturing process are Bohler Voest Alpine wire.

The manufacturing process is covered onto a 3000M x 1500M surface of 350WA mild steel plate or from a 125NB SANS pipe up to 600NB pipe x 3000m length internal cladded pipe.

The RODCHROM WPCC plate thickness vary from 6mm(3/3) up to 24mm(12/12).

All our Manufacturing process are done under tight quality control and follow the QCP, WPQR, WPS, WQ and certification supplied with each project.

Advantages of using RODCHROM WPCC Plate

  • High Wear Resistance properties and can withstand high volumes of different raw materials that flow through the Bulk Materials Handling processes.Multiples Times Life compared to (Q & T) Stainless steel, Certain rubbers and holds a very low coefficient of friction which makes it a ideal product for wet and sticky materials.
  • Reduces Maintenance costs.
  • Increasing Production Time.
  • Can be plasma cut to various sizes and shapes of liners to suit the existing chutes and etched with item numbers for easy identification.
  • Can be rolled to radial liners and pipe/cyclone formations.
  • Can be stud welded for easy fixing in chutes.
  • Can be countersunk for fixing.
  • Can be welded in chutes where no holes are applicable.
  • Can withstand up to 600°C.
  • Coefficient of friction 0.3µ Compared to Rubber 0.9µ and steel 0.7µ.

Plants Areas

  • Coal Control Bins
  • Transfer Chutes
  • Coal Stock Yard
  • Stacker Re-claimer Chutes
  • Coal Bunker chutes
  • Furnace Feed Chutes
  • Bottom ASH Slurry
  • Silo Fly Ash
  • Wastewater Pipelines
  • Fuel Pipelines